Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paranoia 2: End War

It is a prequel to the Paranoia TG(not the role playing game the TG was based on). It is set outside Alpha Complex, in the war zone between "The US" and the "Communists".
Characters are class based, with each class having it's own playstyle. The current classes are Scout, Heavy, Medic, and Spec-Op.
Scouts are good at providing for the team, gathering information, and acting quickly.
Heavies are good at using large weapons, taking hits, and team synergy.
Medics are good at using augments, healing allies, and enhancing the party.
Spec Ops are good at everything, especially ranged weapons, melee weapons, and stealth.

Combat will very, very often result in death, and death will be permanent unless you have a truly excellent Medic. Players will work as a team, and when the entire party is wiped out, a tally of their accomplishments will be taken. The object is to do as well as you can before you die.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project @0-mech

A strategy rpg/card game based on primary fears and Yu-Gi-Oh.
I'm putting a lot of focus on the mechanics for this game, so don't expect to see much on this game until I get those in decent shape.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I have no idea if there is interest in me sharing webcomics on here, but this is a must read. And I'll probably add a few other 'essential' stories. I'll only be posting completed webcomics, since those are the only ones I know are awesome all the way through. Intros complete, here is
Corner Ally 13


Alright, almost ten posts in. Lets find some focus. What is good? What is bad? What do you want more of? What don't you care for? I'm pretty down with doing anything, as long as it's original, not a re-post from elsewhere. My main focus atm is going to be posting up ideas for new games, particularly cool ideas I have, and resources/links for completed or testing-phase games.
Oh, and I'm loving Labels, you can find the Label list in the bottom right corner of the page, and at the bottom of each post, there is a list of the Labels. You can click on those to get only the posts relevant to your particular interests.

Your Ideas Here!

Just post any game ideas you have. I'd be happy to help you improve them, or I could critique them. If they're good, I'd even be willing to develop them for/with you.

Wiseman Council

Starting Resources
3 Power Connections, Wiseman I/O
Power Connections
Day Actions
Gain a Power Connection OR Perform a Day Action
Night Actions
Connect to the Wiseman Server AND/OR Perform a Night Action

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ultimate RPG

Here are all the active player-accessible files for the Ultimate RPG. If you're interested in running a game of the Ultimate RPG, send me a message or say so in the comments and I'll send you the links to the secret stuff.
General Character Information

Some Definitions I'm Working On

All these are: Virtual activities with multiple but finite outcomes.

Test: Evaluation of [1,∞) skills. 0 Players.
Strategy: [1,∞) meaningful decisions.
Player: Real agent selecting one or more strategies.
Game: [1,∞) Players.
Wager: Some real change results indirectly from one or more outcome.
Gamble: A wager in which the wagered outcomes cannot be predicted before the game.

My Cracked Article

I'm looking for any and all information on small statues depicting people who lived amazing lives. Currently I have "The Sandow" (Mr. Olympia) and "The Oscar" (Academy Awards). I'm aiming for five before I write an article.

Open Highschool Murders

Here is a link to the current info page for Open Highschool Murders
All suggestions welcome.

Universal Murder Engine 2

Here comes UME2. Comments, criticisms, suggestions? I'm going to design it to be mostly like UME, only taking away player choice, simplifying the scum choices, and increasing the cost of night actions in general.
Also, the original concept for UME was that it could also be applied to generating murder mystery characters. Should that still be a goal? It wouldn't do much to help me, but I'm no longer the only one creating murder mysteries.