Thursday, April 19, 2012


All the documents you need to play Heist! New Deal.
Basic Rule Set
Rule Sets

Oh, and I never got any feedback. Do you guys want me to create a tool set for you to create your own settings/mods/scenarios? It wouldn't be hard, but I won't bother if no one is going to use it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mastery and Active Projects update

I've updated the active projects page to include projects I'm currently working on, including the announcement of my newest talk game, Mastery.
Mastery is a game of martial arts, set in a modern city known as Valhalla. This sprawling metropolis is controlled by the numerous constantly changing schools of martial artists, who's wuxia-inspired martial arts make them too dangerous for the government to regulate.
Base Doc: Mastery

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peace at Last recruitment

Art: If you're willing to do any art, let me know and I'll give you something to do. The game has no art.
Writing: Writing needed for events, combat, pretty much everything. The mythology and science is already written out, but you can do writing for histories of randomly generated planets (events) and you can do pseudo-science for researchable technologies (within the established rule).
Play-Testing: Feel free to sign up in the comments, but it'll be a while before a playable version is available.
Coding: Most of the coding involves converting my design documents into simple code (if-then, loops), in C++. This means you'll be exposed to all spoilers for everything you work on.
Game Design: If you've got a strong interest in game design, I can open up the design documents and you can go over the concepts with me. This will be 100% spoilers and isn't really necessary, but might help me avoid some major blunders if I've made them.
Doc Management: This game has far too many docs. If someone wants to go over all of them and fix the inconsistent parts, that'd be awesome. Of course, this means exposure to all of the spoilers, so I understand if no one wants to do it. Also, if someone wants to write up the strategy guide and so on, that'd save me a lot of time.