Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cheating Chess

So I created a chess variant.

Most Current Rules
Plays as normal chess, except as follows.

Instead of checkmate, you lose if your king is in check at the end of your turn.

On your turn you may declare an illegal move (moving a piece to a space it can’t legally reach.) If you do, roll a 6 sided die and follow the result below.
1: Your piece is removed from the game, if it was your King, you lose the game.
2: If your piece is a pawn attacking a queen, remove it from the game.
3,4: Nothing happens.
5: If your piece is a pawn attacking any other piece, or a knight, rook, or bishop attacking a queen, then nothing happens. If not, your piece successfully makes the illegal move.
6: Your piece successfully makes the illegal move.

You may not move onto one of your own pieces.

Reminder: Capturing your opponent’s King makes it impossible to put it in check, don’t do it.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Project Updates

A summery of projects I'm currently working on:
Horror Movie (No link yet, a rebuild of my Horror RPG as a pure board game)
Rust Days (Hiatus)
Bargain Front Page
Endgame (Early development, it'll hopefully get it's own post soon)
Hunters Index
Black Magic Club Main Hub
Green Victoria Disorganized Homepage
Mastery Open Beta

This is mostly to create a collection of links for playtesters. I'll be making specific posts for each game as they get closer to a releasable state.

Now that I'm off work, I should have more time to get these to a playable state. Mastery I'm hoping to get to open-beta in a week or so, it'll get it's own post when it's ready.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Horror RPG

Index URL
A "competitive" RPG, where the Evil (GM) is trying to kill the Characters (Players.) While both sides should try to win, roleplaying is strongly encouraged.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Investment Poker

Link to Game
Similar to Texas holdem, meant to model investment. Just a doodle really.