Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Dirt is my latest attempt at a narrative RPG. The players are dirty cops in a city of corruption. The setting is currently up in the air, favoring an ambiguous modern city. Rolls are on a d6, and slightly favor the player. The primary themes will be corruption, hard choices, and disaster.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

P2 reboot

I'm recreating P2 as a simpler game with the "Paranoia" material stripped out. It'll still be dystopian and awesome, but not bound to the Paranoia timeline or mechanics.
Doc here:New Doc
Sign ups and suggestions in the comments.

Codename Game Videogame

I've discovered I'm actually terrible at creating puzzle games, which rather puts a damper on this idea. If anyone is good at that let me know, since this is probably my favorite game to write for. Also, if anyone is down to resume/restart the TG, let me know, I need to test some revised games that would work better for a computer game adaption.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Gambling Game

Take one suit of cards, 2-A and shuffle them.
Each player, starting with the dealer must ante and each ante must meet or exceed the previous ante.
The dealer deals 1 card to each player, and that player may then look at it.
Starting again with the dealer, each player may either match the pot, or fold.
When all players have matched the pot or folded, those who matched reveal their cards.
2: Wins if an Ace is showing, otherwise loses.
A: Wins unless a 2 is showing.
3-K: Standard progression.
Winner take all.

Let me know if you try it, or see any flaws from reading it, or if anything is unclear.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dungeon Bash

Hero Sheet
Villain Sheet
Competitive asymmetrical board game. One player is the villain. The villain creates the lair and then spends Vile points to thwart and ultimately destroy the heroes. The rest of the players are the heroes. The heroes explore the lair and attempt to defeat the villain.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm revising Mastery. Instead of being a story about an individual martial artist, you now play as the master of a school of martial artists. Isn't that still an individual martial artist? Well, no. You play as the ghost of the dead master, the students have decided to hide your death and carry on your will. The game has some similarities to board games and simulation games, but is an rpg at the core.
Doc for Masters: Masters
If you were strongly interested in any aspect of Mastery that isn't being carried forward, let me know. I can probably apply it forward, or potentially even finish Mastery as a separate game in the same universe if interest exists.