Friday, September 30, 2011


So, I'm getting back into programming videogames (this time using not-GameMaker) I'm currently working on an RPG-themed time travel game, but I'm open for suggestions if there are particular kinds of games people would like to play. Also, I'd love help if you're interested in coding/arting/play-testing/etc.

Lastly, any recommendations as far as language? I'm using Java now, because I know how to use it, and it runs on anything, but I figure if I want to make a more complex game, I'm going to have to use a different language.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wiseman Council: Ready to go?

Alright, I need a final list of sign-ups, so sign in below. I'd also prefer a 'favored contact' so just say "Facebook, email, AIM" w/e (don't actually post your e-mail, comments aren't secure)
I've finally worked out the core mechanics. This is going to be a territory claiming sort of game (like Risk, in a very loose sense) except the 'territories' are the loyalties of various people.
I'm going to put up a full chart of people online, once I get it finished, and each player is going to get a semi-random assortment of loyalties to start the game with. Different people have different functions, and most of the important 'people' are actually organizations, and are composed of multiple loyalties.
There won't be any 'attacking' in a Risk sense, most of the game will be an attempt to gather information on other player activities, and to coordinate major actions without giving your intentions away. The ultimate goal of the game is to control a majority of the Senator characters (or possibly a military coup alternate win condition)
Each day I'll give you a summery of the activities of all characters whose Loyalty you have, any activities that are public or that effect your loyal characters, and any messages directed towards you.
You will then send me any activities you want your loyal characters to carry out.
I'll be creating a more detailed rules list around when I publish the Loyalty Map. It should be a pretty simple game in play, though keeping track of who you suspect of what might require some note taking.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First major 3e changes

Capacity (that 'strength' stat)+ Level will determine your Spirit per turn.
The elements are going to be greatly streamlined and focused, becoming more like attack 'types' (eg. slashing, bludgeoning) This means I'm going to need to create a new method for creating X.
The X are going to come in greater variety, so cases like Quezacotl (beating an X at relatively low level) will be possibile again, though require at minimum some specialized tactics and resistances.
In the line with this potential need for more customization, I'm considering letting you switch (Wis+Gen) skills/perks between each battle. This would probably slow the game down though, so I'd definitely like to hear more ideas.
Damage Types: Weapon, Atrophy, Force, Corrosive, Shock, Effect
 Codas are a set of rules of absolute superiority. Something of a higher Coda can effect everything lower than it, but something of a lower Coda cannot effect anything of a superior Coda. Various effects and item modifications can be used to increase and decrease Coda.
(I)maginary, (S)ensory, (P)hysical, (M)agical, (T)rue, (D)ivine, (R)eality
Stat Changes:
Capability will now govern Spirit, in addition to melee damage
Resources is now Resourcefullness, and that'll require a lot of changes, but basically it makes Resources a better stat.
I'm currently trying to find ways to increase the utility of the Allies stat.

Ulitmate RPG 3rd edition

Hey guys. Taking suggestions for URPG 3rd edition (and the last remaining classes)
The main new mechanic is going to be "Spirit"which is a currency for buying actions. You get probably around 10 per turn, and depending on preference and class, you can use it for a few powerful moves, or several weaker ones. I imagine this'll add a bit more math to the game, but should increase flexibility and allow me to better quantify the balance of the game, so all the classes, backgrounds, and skills should be more equal.
I'll be creating the 3e documents separately from the current 2e documents, but I'll be putting links up on here once they're cleaned up enough for people to read them.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Super Space Wars

Current Player list: Dillon, Will, Sema
Current Series list: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Schlock Mercenary, Transformers, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy(special case), Warhammer 40k, Battletech(Mech Warrior), Halo, Mass Effect, Starcraft,

Comment if you want to play but aren't, or if you have any series you're familiar with that fill the requirement (war in space) that you don't see above.

I'm also still willing to consider other genres, as long as a majority of the players are familiar with them. The window on changing is closing though, so if you have any ideas or support for another genre (crime, afterlife, etc) speak up quickly.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tourist's Guide to Constantinople

The Royal Aviary: Collecting birds from all over the world, this astounding structure is part of the Presidential Palace.
National Academy of the Sciences: A place for experiments of all kinds. Employees wanted.
Insolubilia: The department of philosophy, mathematics, and psychology at the National Academy. 
Fountain District: A place with a library.
River District: The center of town, includes the courthouse and the jail.
Barden Street: The main street of the city, with all the finest shops.
Green District: The financial center of the city. The Presidential Palace is located here.
The Rivers of Constantinople: Acheron, Phlegethon,Styx,Lethe, and Cocytus. Currently all in drought.
The Desert: Tourists should not go here.

More to come

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disclaimer: Not a Game

I had a great idea. How about a charity/government funded advertising campaign that goes like this.

Text on Screen:"Money can buy happiness"
Shows somebody having fun with a moderately expensive gadget or w/e, looks like an ad.
The word happiness gets replaced with a number of other positive things you can buy with money.
Each one gets a brief clip of that thing being wonderful.
Then a break.
Text on Screen changes: "Money can't buy        "
"Peace" and it shows people fighting over territory or oil or something
"Love" and it's a poor couple holding hands
"Fulfillment" and it's someone writing a book, or something (ideas?)
"Health" and it shows a scientist doing research with test tubes and/or petri dishes
"Everything" starts on a happy person, the zooms out farther and father until it shows the world in space.

If you have any ideas for more things to add that money can/can't buy. I'd love to hear them in the comments. The main idea behind this advertisement would be to remind people, (on the same level where they usually get told to buy, buy, by) that money isn't the most important thing in their life.

Oh, and as far as feasibility, I've seen a lot of government funded posters/billboards that promote basic decency and stuff, so it's not implausibly, especially in bigger cities, that someone would actually go for getting this made. If we(or just me) do a lot of work on this, I can show it to my dad, and if it's good, he'd probably be able to get me in touch with who I'd need to talk to.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Codename: Game

A design loosely based off the Puzzle Agent framework. You play as members of a CIA task force during the Cold War. The real Cold War that is, not the one in fiction. Your main goal is to stave off boredom and maybe gather some intelligence without really blowing your cover to the other side (which side are you on again?) between pranking other agents, finding expensive and dangerous hobbies, and trying to get by in countries simultaneously occupied by the USA and the USSR, hopefully you'll find something to do. Don't Drink the Water.

If you're interested in playing, Sign-Up in the comments.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Paranoia 2 Mechanic

Ominous Wrongness mechanics.
On entering an area with an ominous wrongness, these mechanics come into play. Each hour a check is rolled, the first 1 results in the wrongness existing. The second causes it to appear to the player. The third begins it's attack. Each 1 afterwords reinforces the threat until the players escape. However, an Ominous Wrongness will always guard some great treasure, so they can be worth fighting.
If there is a way for it to get worse, like a barricade failing, or an infected person 'turning' that happens on the highest roll.

First Hour: D10, some warning
Second Hour: D10
Third Hour: D8, Taste of Treasure
Fourth Hour: D6, First Treasure
Fifth Hour On: D4, All the Riches

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

P2 Fun Facts!

Fun Facts:
 Disposable Nuclear Reactors can operate at normal output for 127 years.
 The Spartan faction are renowned for their Inquisition festivals in which they ask dumb-AI philosophical questions, and then torture it into a non-functional state for answering incorrectly.
 As many as 1 in 100 Infrareds have what pre-revolutionaries would call sentience.
 The Sky Pirates are not only deserters and thieves, but also race traitors, accepting mutants into their ranks.
 Artificial Intelligences the world over agree that sentient humans have an immortal soul.
 The Tesla Floorshaker was invented accidentally, and wasn't weaponized for hundreds of years.
 Hollywood, often regarded as the most personable of the Ultraviolets, is known for occasionally taking individuals of interest away from the service and into her private collection.
 It takes less energy to create an Infrared than it does to destroy one.
 The Communists do not equip their Pawn soldiers with radios, relying on stationary installations.
 It is impossible for a civilized person to speak the Communist language, and vice-versa.
 Rumor has it that Disposable Rifles are sometimes only loaded with 2 bullets, for Infrareds who show particularly low promise in the physical exam.
  The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants base their faith on a body of work written hundreds of years ago.

More P2

Infrared: Brain-dead clone soldiers. They obey whatever orders appear on their HUDs.
Red: The standard people of the US. They're capable, but don't have long life expectancies.
Yellow: Soldiers proven to be above the common level. Spec-Ops units are selected from this rank.
Blue: The top level available to humans, teams of blues can be expected to take out even enemy AI.
Violet: This level is a rank for AI forces fighting alongside human units.
Ultraviolet: The command structure. Their will is made known by Violets and Blues.
Looting takes 20 minutes, Caution requires cutting your Speed in half.
Body Weight=2, Armor Weight=DR/2
Carry Capacity=Level+1.9
How Suppression Works
You can Ready your action as your turn
then on the enemy turn, when they choose to do something, you can Suppress it, by using your Readied attack
they can then either take the damage, or cancel their action and duck back behind cover
If it's Super-Suppressive, they don't even got the option to duck
"Quick" means you don't need to Ready an action, just have the weapon equipped
Melee attacks are Quick at (Speed/2) range, and Super Suppressive if your Speed is greater than 5

Friday, September 2, 2011

Paranoia 2 concepts

Nanostruct: Nanostructs are collections of assembler nanites that can use the raw material in Nanoblocks to construct specific objects. Expensive nanostructs can produce more than one kind of object.
Power: Everyone carries around their own personal nuclear power supply, since the infrastructure required for power is extremely vulnerable to attack.
Communication: Is handled by radio. Towers can be erected on the fly, but permanent transmitters and satellites are out of the question, so line-of-sight connections must be maintained for communication to work. Oh, and radio is also used for Friend or Foe identification, so hope yours isn't destroyed...
Melee: You're going to need a high Speed stat and/or high defense to get close to the enemy before they shoot you to pieces. Once you get in, each punch is going to deal you current health as damage.
The "US" flag: