Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bidwar Blackjack

A new game, somewhat like a merger between Poker and Blackjack.
Order of Play:
Each of the players draws one card from the deck and places it face up in front of themselves.
Each player draws one card, looks at it, and then places it face down next to the first.
Each player places a secret bet within the minimum and maximum.
Bets are revealed, then any "Bid Wars" are resolved, starting from the lowest tied bets.
All players with the tied bet must place and then reveal a new secret bid which is added to the original to reach their new total bet.
Once all Bid Wars have been resolved (all players have different bets) the player with the lowest bet then plays the game. The player may hit or stand, and once the player hits or stands they reveal all their cards.
Each remaining player does the same, in order of lowest bet to highest.
Once all players have decided to "Stand" or have "Busted" the pot is divided equally among all players who scored the highest number under 22.
To Decide:
Minimum: This is the lowest allowed bet.
Maximum: The highest allowed bet (the total bet may exceed this, due to Bid Wars)
Increment: The lowest unit that can be used in a bet (for example, dollars, 10 cents, poker chips)
Special Cases:
At any time a player would bid, they may bid one increment less than the minimum. This causes them to 'fold', and their hand is treated as if they had busted. Any opponents in a Bid War must still pay their bids in full.

Future Features:
Splitting? Insurance?

If you give it a try, or have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Nuke Nations

A game of nuclear warfare. Highly untested, but definitely has potential.
Nuke Nations
Currently requires a GM (The UN) to administer, but could potentially be converted to a computer game or board game, perhaps a chat bot. If anyone knows how to program chat bots, let me know.