Active Projects

This is an index of all projects I'm currently working on. You can search for the Label (in the parenthesis) either in the Labels control, or by using the custom search tool.
Wiseman Council (WC)
A game of intrigue, business, and betrayal aboard a decaying space station.
Codename: Game (C:G)
A design loosely based off the Puzzle Agent framework. You play as members of a CIA task force during the Cold War. Your main mission, should you choose to accept it, is staving off boredom. Text-based game to be programmed at some point.
Peace at Last (PaL)
A sci-fi strategy game of choices, negotiation, and tactics, Peace at Last retells the Greek myths surrounding Jason and the Argonauts and 10 Labors of Hercules as a single unified quest to bring peace to the universe.
Soon I Will Be King (SIWBK)
A complete board game, let me know of you would like to help test it online or off, it is still undergoing revisions.
Mastery (Mastery)
A narrative-style game where players develop the story of a martial artist as he goes through training, fights many opponents, and develops his own style, with the hopes of eventually passing on his new style to a new generation of students.
Green Victoria (GV)
An RPG set in an alternate 1888, focusing on unique mechanics and an exotic world to explore and tame.
Green Revolution (GR)
A planned sequel/expansion for Green Victoria, set in the near future of GV where the denizens of The Green rebel against the imperialist agenda of the Holy British Empire.